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"This is great. Three Norwegian girls have learned how three American girls sounds when they sing Californian country together.

They are named Helga Haegoland, Nina P Munksgaard and Lene Tønnessen  

How far it is from California, I have not been able to find out, but it has no meaning, Southern Girls sound like they've been there several times.

They have great original songs, signed Lene Tønnessen and they have up to 12 as well or even better songs in other directories. Gary Nicholson collaboration with Stephen Bruton, for example, has given us "What A Little Love Can Do", which is available here and should get plenty of gigs in P4. But you'll find they rarely something that could be a radio hit if it had just been heard. 


Perhaps the best thing about this album is that it was produced by a living legend, a man who can count up an almost endless list of big names he has worked with, both as a producer, songwriter and guitarist. The name is John Beland and to those who thank him for his success belongs Cash, Jennings, Dolly, Ronstadt, Lalo safely and 30-40 others Beland had time to work with the various studios and toured both here and there over the last 40 year. It has created an album that will surprise many listeners: Can you make it sound so good with Norwegian resources?

Yes, you can. The album is the proof!




About us.

Southern Girls consists of Helga Hægeland, Nina Munksgaard and Lene Tønnessen. We all live in Kristiansand, in southern Norway, where we have been active in the local music milieu. All three of us have released CDs individually, and we have also performed as backing singers and soloists in numerous concerts and recordings. Four years ago, we formed a trio, and quickly gained a loyal and enthusiastic following, giving concerts and performing at festivals around Norway. We also recorded a few singles that received national airplay in Norway. This is our first CD as a trio. Check out our home page at

- This has been an exciting cooperation with our producer, John Beland. He has been in Norway twice to supervise recording sessions; first in November 2012, then in June 2013. He is known all over the world as a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers. But he has also worked with many famous artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristoffersen, Garth Brooks, Elvis Presley and Waylon Jennings (see We were greatly honored when he travelled all the way from Texas in order to attend our release concert in Kristiansand on September 27th this year.
- This is a country-pop/rock CD. Lene has written three new songs, and John Beland contributes four. It has been exciting and rewarding to have worked together on this music. We sing a lot of harmonies, and our vocals become more attuned as time goes by. We always have a great time performing together.

We have also included some of the most professional and well-known musicians in our region on our team:

- Per Elias Drabløs plays the bass. He is an associate professor at the University of Agder with a Ph.D in music. At the present time, he is touring with Secret Garden.
- Erik Gunvaldsen plays the guitar. He is a professor of music at the University of Agder, and he has played in countless bands and for many soloists, among others Marquee Band and Soultrain.
- Dene O’Neill plays the drums. Like the other members, he is a well-known musician in our region, having played in a number of bands and with several soloists.
- Vidar Bøe plays keyboards. He is a skillful musician with a long career as a teacher and performer, having also worked with, among many others, Marquee Band and Soultrain.
- Kjetil Møen plays the guitar. He has a national reputation as a very competent musician.

This group contributes with professional performances in our concerts and on this recording. Thank you so much!

We hope that this CD will convey to the listeners our own joy for music. We love performing together. If you enjoy listening to it, please recommend it to family and friends. We are convinced that you are in for a big surprise. The feedback we have received thus far is overwhelming.

The CD has been recorded both in Norway and in the United States. John Beland has worked with backing arrangements in Texas; vocals have been added in Norway; Frank Basil has recorded the drums in California; and the mastering was done by Bill Douglas in Colorado. To make music together on different continents is not as challenging as it once was.

The CD is called A Little Bit of This - a Little Bit of That. If you want to buy it, please contact us:

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16.05 | 18:47

Gratulerer til 3 flotte jenter og dyktige sangere 😊😊😊

27.06 | 13:08

Takk og i like måte Annette.
Er ikke ofte inne og ser på denne siden så sen tilbakemelding.
Da sees vi neste lørdag "

06.06 | 18:06

Hei, jenter! :)
Gleder meg enormt til å få høre dere, og treffe dere igjen på Ose i sommer! Ønsker dere en flott og solrik pinsehelg! klem, Annette Larsson

27.07 | 11:02